The Coffee Garage – Coffee and Podcast

 Many of you in the drumming community might know Garrison from Drum Workshop. Garrison is the main A&R guy for the company. Garrison and I have been buds for many years now, starting when I was an endorsing artist at D.W. and before I started Rockett Drum Works. Anyway… we decided several months ago to have a go at roasting coffee. We set the roaster and all the affiliated stuff up in my garage. That garage has since been made into the Rockett Drum Works shop, but is still a garage at any rate. We decided to call our special roast, “The Coffee Garage” Coffee. We began naming our roasts things like, “High Octane”, “Rockett Fuel”, Etc, Etc.

We began to wonder though, what do you do while the coffee is roasting? Our answer? A Podcast!!!

Interviews, news, viewpoints, etc, etc.

So, stay tuned for the “The Coffee Garage” Podcast!


Dainese Airstream Course D-Nect Bluetooth Helmet with iPhone

So, I decided for my longer motorcycling commutes that I might try a Bluetooth enabled helmet. I know, I know this defies logic for many motorcyclists. However, not every ride is a “pleasure/get away” ride and on many commutes if I can stay in contact I can actually ride longer.

I bought the Dainese Airstream Course D-Nect Bluetooth Helmet. Pretty comfortable for a full face. Being from the Rocker side of the tracks, I am still trying to get used to full face helmets and I don’t always wear them. You sort of have to have a full face for this application or have a big assed windshield.

Pairing was a bit of a pain, but once paired it seems to be great. I will be updating this blog with performance tests of this helmet. For now, I want anyone using this to know how to pair it with an iPhone.

1. Turn your phone on and get it ready for pairing. (See your manual.) Charge your helmet fully.

2. Press and hold the button until you hear a beep, then continue until you hear a higher pitched beep and continue even longer until you hear a double beep.

3. When “Stilo HF V2” appears, click on it.

4. Here’s the important step… When prompted for a passcode the manual says to use 1111. Don’t, it won’t work. Enter: 0000

5. Now you should be paired with the iPhone!!!

Dainese Airstream Course D-Nect Bluetooth Helmet

Here she is!

1968 Montgomery Ward’s Benelli 250 cc Motorcycle

Anyone who know me knows that I really love a “barn find”. You know, a dilapidated motorcycle or car that is just begging to be loved again. Well, my buddies tossed me a nice little barn find for my birthday yesterday. This is what I think it is: 1968 Montgomery Ward’s Benelli 250 cc Motorcycle. It all seems to be there. I took some pics before I started to clean her up tonight. Got too dark by the time I was done to take after shots. This week I’ll see if Roy at “Roy’s Cycle” can help me get her started. If she runs ok with minimal fuss, I’ll probably do a sort of “rolling restoration” and enjoy the bike for awhile. If she has any motor issues I might decide and tear the whole thing down and do a full on resto from soup to nuts. Maybe I’ll do that anyway. Who knows.